Why AIM Global is an Ideal Business

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The first ques­tion asked by one who wants to start a busi­ness  is “what’s a good busi­ness to start?” If you are look­ing for a new busi­ness or wants to invite one to AIM Glob­al, know­ing why AIM Glob­al is an Ide­al Busi­ness can be help­ful in show­ing why AIM Glob­al is the busi­ness to choose.

The answer to the above can be sum­ma­rized in one sen­tence: AIM Glob­al is a big busi­ness which ordi­nary per­son with lit­tle cap­i­tal and lim­it­ed time and resources can suc­ceed and even­tu­al­ly make it big time. Below are more detailed rea­sons:

  • It is afford­able; requires min­i­mal one-time no-risk cap­i­tal. It takes only P6,980.00 or $139 to start, less than the price of mobile phone which many peo­ple can do afford; and pro­vide imme­di­ate more than 100% exchange val­ue. For a busi­ness that promis­es finan­cial free­dom, in the long run, $186 is a way low, low cap­i­tal.
  • It promis­es for the com­mit­ted, big income that ranks with a big busi­ness estab­lish­ment, like for exam­ple a sin­gle store fran­chise from a chain of a con­ve­nience store. Month­ly income for a ful­ly devel­oped AIM Glob­al distributor’s net­work gen­er­ates at least $16,363 month­ly income – only from match­ing bonus, 1 of 6 sources of pay-outs in AIM Global’s com­pen­sa­tion plan. A month­ly income from a sin­gle direct ful­ly grown unilevel down­line can gen­er­ate at least anoth­er $909 per month which may be mul­ti­plied by a num­ber of the direct spon­sor with ful­ly devel­oped unilevel down­line (10 lev­els of active mem­bers). For the more enter­pris­ing who start the busi­ness with a 7‑head account ($1,000+), the income is mul­ti­plied 7 times for the same time and effort spent.
  • AIM Glob­al com­pen­sa­tion plan is pro-dis­trib­u­tor – no month­ly quo­ta and no penal­ty of demo­tion for lack of pro­duc­tion dur­ing any giv­en month and no mem­ber­ship ter­mi­na­tion for inac­tiv­i­ty; no expen­sive month­ly pur­chase require­ment to qual­i­fy for earn­ing (except for min­i­mal $40 month­ly pur­chase for unilevel income; and even if one fail for a giv­en month, income can still be gen­er­at­ed from the 5 oth­er sources of pay­outs).
  • It is home-based with all the demand­ing require­ments of a busi­ness (build­ing and office, account­ing, man­u­fac­tur­ing, mer­chan­dise stock man­age­ment, per­son­nel etc.) tak­en care of by the com­pa­ny, giv­ing its dis­trib­u­tors all the time and effort to sim­ply focus on pro­mot­ing its prod­ucts and build­ing their busi­ness net­works right from their home or any­where else con­ve­nient.
  • Flex­i­ble time require­ment. Can be done part-time, in-between and after office hours, week­ends or for oth­ers as the full-time busi­ness.
  • It can be done as an online busi­ness through web­site, web­page, blog, face­book, twit­ter, youtube, Pin­ter­est, and many oth­er online chan­nels.  With online mar­ket­ing, you go beyond the lim­its of time, space, and dis­tance. Con­duct­ing the busi­ness is con­ve­nient; you can sell prod­ucts thru the online shop, pro­mote your busi­ness through a per­son­al web­page and spon­sor any­one around the world through an online appli­ca­tion. Prod­ucts can be shipped to your cus­tomers and new mem­bers through Inter­na­tion­al Express Mail Ser­vice.
  • It pro­vides you free train­ing for per­son­al devel­op­ment through live train­ing programs/events and dig­i­tal train­ing thru AIM Acad­e­my, which would oth­er­wise cost you thou­sands of dol­lars when availed of from many paid online train­ing pro­grams and live-con­fer­ences.
  • It has unique, out­stand­ing, world-class prod­ucts for the health and well­ness glob­al mar­ket. Paul Zane Pilz­er – a world-renowned econ­o­mist – in his book “The New Well­ness Rev­o­lu­tion” described the well­ness indus­try as “the per­fect storm of oppor­tu­ni­ty to make a lot of mon­ey and to do incred­i­ble good.” And AIM Global’s prod­ucts are man­u­fac­tured by lead­ers in the indus­try – Natures’ Way (USA), DSM (Nether­land) & AFC-HD AMS Life Sci­ence Co., Ltd.  (Japan).
  • It is a com­pa­ny with a heart and social com­mit­ment through its Alive Foun­da­tion – one you can be proud to be part of.
  • AIM Glob­al is a sol­id, dynam­ic, pro­gres­sive and suc­cess­ful com­pa­ny you can be secure and con­fi­dent in deliv­er­ing its promise of “Turn­ing ordi­nary per­sons into Extra­or­di­nary Mil­lion­aires” as it is already doing for many of its mem­bers. You can have this con­fi­dence in its lead­er­ship know­ing that fol­low­ing its Vision­ary Leader – Pres/CEO Dr Ed Caban­tog – who has been cho­sen as the  #1  Direct Sell­ing CEO in the World will lead you towards the achieve­ment of your goals and dreams no mat­ter how big they are.

 Alliance in Motion Glob­al, Inc. (AIM Glob­al) is indeed the Ide­al Busi­ness for YOU who have the heart to Dream Big and com­mit­ted enough to work smart to Make It Hap­pen.

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