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How to Maximize Your Income (7 Header Income Potential)

You can start AIM Glob­al by just pur­chas­ing one (1) Glob­al Starter Pack­age or one (1) account. But to max­i­mize the fruits of your efforts and increase your income poten­tial, you can upgrade into 7 accounts.

How­ev­er, for new mem­bers who have avail­able bud­get to invest in 7 mul­ti­ple accounts, you can start imme­di­ate­ly with 7 heads named after you.

Get­ting 7‑header accounts will give you an instant return on your invest­ment.

IMMEDIATE ROI Php 12,980 invest­ment (7 Accounts)

Let’s say you have cho­sen Glob­al Pack­age C for your 7 accounts, the prod­uct price you will get is worth Php 15, 520

INVESTMENT: 12980 x 7 = Php 90, 860

7 accounts x 15,520 = Php 108, 640 (Prod­uct Return of Invest­ment)

Imme­di­ate Income is Php 16, 000

Total Return of Invest­ment »» Php 124, 640

Note: You have not start­ed your busi­ness yet but your ROI is more than the amount you have invest­ed.

Here’s more.…

Max­i­mum Income Per day »»Php 32,000 (16 pairs per day)

Max­i­mum Poten­tial Income Per Month »»Php 960, 000


*The prod­uct prices will depend on what pack­age option you have cho­sen.



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