Cause of Diseases, Free Radicals and Anti-Oxidants

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Cause of Diseases

Under­stand­ing the nature and cause of dis­eases and the role of free rad­i­cals helps us see the need for anti-oxi­dants for health and well­ness.

What is a free rad­i­cal?

Free rad­i­cals are pro­duced when our cells cre­ate ener­gy. They are also pro­duced when we are exposed to pol­lu­tants or tox­ins such as cig­a­rette smoke, alco­hol or pes­ti­cides. If allowed to go unchecked, free rad­i­cals can cause dam­age to the body’s cells. The cells that line the arter­ies, the fat cells in the blood, the immune cells and so on can all be affect­ed by free rad­i­cals. And because of this, free rad­i­cal dam­age (or oxi­da­tion) has been linked to the for­ma­tion of every degen­er­a­tive dis­ease. This includes can­cer, car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease, cataracts and the aging process itself.

This free rad­i­cal dam­age can­not be pre­vent­ed or cured by any drugs – in fact, most drugs are sources of MORE free rad­i­cals in the body.


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Watch this video to see how dam­ag­ing free rad­i­cals to the cells of the human body and how pow­er­ful anti-oxi­dants erad­i­cate free rad­i­cals and restore cells to nor­mal health.

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