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How to join AIM GLOBAL in KENYA

STEP 1. First, YOU NEED A SPONSOR You need a Spon­sor, The one who invit­ed you first whom you inquire with about the prod­ucts or com­pa­ny. If you don’t have a Spon­sor yet, con­tact me through the details pro­vid­ed below. Mary Mae Bal­a­bat Face­book:  Con­tact Num­ber: +639303962918 Mes­sen­ger: Mary Mae Bal­a­bat STEP 2. Next, you

Leadership Training

Lead­er­ship Train­ing is the key to suc­cess to any orga­ni­za­tion. It serves as our map and shield toward our main goal or pur­pose in life. AIM Glob­al pro­vides week­ly Train­ing that enables each mem­ber to keep their edge sharp and refreshed. Let us know what you think and we will be hap­py to assist you:    


ICONS Founder, Chris­t­ian Rizaldy P. Alvarez, speak­er­ship engage­ment at Busi­ness Park Ayala, Kep­pel Tow­er Cebu City.   We invite you to come and wit­ness the great oppor­tu­ni­ty that AIM Glob­al has to offer world­wide! Join our free Finan­cial and Health Sem­i­nar by fill­ing up the form below: